I want to tell you how I found my passion for macro photography. Seventeen years ago my life changed drastically. My mild/moderate form of ME developed into a severe form. From that day on I was most of the time bedbound. Every day I fight hard to get out of that bed. I can barely do anything with my body and brains, because I feel so ill and exhausted. The first seven years of the last seventeen years, I laid often in the dark, because I couldn’t stand external stimuli (light/sound etc). The will to live was not lacking. I didn’t know what to do. I was so ill and bored at the same time.

One day I was lying on a bed near the water. And I saw little creatures in the grass. I picked up my compact camera with a little macro lens and  I made pictures! And so it began! When I saw the

photos of enlarged little creatures I was amazed how beautiful they are both in structure and coloring. So I bought a book about macro photography, a DSLR camera with a macro lens from my savings. Step by step I read it. Suddenly I had a purpose in life. I learned macro photograpy by trial and error. My husband, a biology teacher, drives me to a place near the water and carries all of my stuff. We both love nature. It feels like home! I let nature come to me when I take pictures. Five years ago I got the best present ever from my parents. They gave me an electric bike! One on wich I don’t have to peddle. On a very good day I will get on that bike and drive into nature! It makes me very happy, because then I feel free! My will to live is so strong that I can make a few pictures when I feel very ill, because at that moment I feel alive, I create. After making some photos I pay a big price. I have to rest for days and in general my health gets worse. But for me it’s worth it when I’ve made a beautiful picture.

Unfortunately, my health situation has deteriorated in the last few years and again I am bedbound for most of the day now, but I really enjoyed the times in which I could do just a bit more. I was so grateful. I hope my situation will change, so I can do what I love so much.

Online I see a lot of people who fight for the recognition of the awful disease ME and they inspired me to do something for ME in my own way. Three years ago, a friend/designer helped me to make postcards of my work! I adjusted my website and made an online little SHOP DRAGONFLY CARDS (payment by bank transfer).

I thought, how can I make a contribution? The answer was simple! From each order 40% of purchase costs without shipping costs goes to ME biomedical research: the “End ME/CFS project” from the Open Medicine Foundation! My little shop with Dragonfly is now open! So you are most welcome! You can also pass your wishes through a PM on Facebook!

My passion for macro photography