DAMSELFLIES / ZYGOPTERA (by family and species)

Azure bluet
White legged Damselfly
Beautiful Demoiselle

DRAGONFLIES / ANISOPTERA (by family and species)

Blue Featherleg
Common spreadwing

*Small Spreadwing / Small Emerlad Damselfly / Lestes virens

*Western Willow Spreadwing / Willow Emerlad Damselfly / Lestes viridis

*Common Spreadwing / Emerald Damselfly / Lestes sponsa

*Siberian Winter Damsel / Siberian Winter Damselfly / Sympecma      paedisca

*Beautiful Demoiselle / Calopteryx virgo

*Banded Demoiselle / Calopteryx splendens

*Blue Featherleg/ white-legged Damselfly / Paltycnemis pennipes

*Blue Emperor / Emperor Dragonfly / Anax imperator

*Hairy Hawker / Hairy Dragonfly / Brachtron pratense

*Migrant Hawker / Aeshna mixta

*Four-Spotted Chaser / Libellula guadrimaculata

*Broad-bodied Chaser / Libellula depressa

*Ruby Whiteface / Northern White-faced Darter / Leucorrhinia rubicunda

*Black Darter/ Sympetrum danae

*Common Darter / Sympetrum striolatum

*Mouchtached Darter / Vagrant Darter / Sympetrum vulgatum

Ruby Whiteface
Emperor Dragonfly
The Downy Emerlad

*Common Bluetail /  Bluetailed Damselfy / Ischnura elegans

*Small Red Damsel / Small Red Damselfly / Ceriagrion tenellum

*Azure Bluet / Azure Damselfly / Coenagrion puella

*Small Bluetail / Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly / Ischnura pumilio

*Common Bluet / Common Blue Damselfly / Enallagma cyathigerum

*Large Red Damsel/ Large Red Damselfly / Pyrrhosoma nymphula

*Downy Emerald/ Cordulia aenea