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Lieke Kops

Welcome! I’m passionate about macro photography. The world of insects is big, but for most people not always in sight or they are not aware of it. And I enjoy to show you the beautiful, sometimes harsh world of insects. By enlarging dragonflies, damselflies, butterflies and other little creatures, you can see how beautiful they are both in structure and coloring. I enlarge them with my Canon 180mm F/3.5 L USM macro lens and my Canon EOS 40D camera, so every detail becomes visible. As spring begins, I get butterflies in my stomach and can not wait to go back to work. I have a soft spot for dragonflies. Everytime it’s special to see how a larva, that crawled out of the water, developes into a beautiful dragonfly or damselfy. I love nature, so it’s important for me to work as neat as possible by minimizing damage or disruption. My ambition is to get my photos published in nature magazines and books and to share them with the world by exhibiting. A small part of my work is reflected in a Dutch dragonfly guide (2007, fifth edition) and in the Dutch book ”libellen in Drenthe” (dragonflies in Drenthe, a region in the Netherlands). I just opened a online shop where I sell dragonfly cards! If you want to follow me on Twitter or Facebook, just click on the icons on the bottom of the page!

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